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Flash back to Nashville.

Six months ago, surrounded by greenery, indoor waterfalls and a brilliant sun, the future smiled on U.S. Lawns. Our team spirit was close-knit and intimate. We looked like a company with a promising culture. We looked like a team who was ready to change the future of grounds care.

Are we still that team?

Since the conference, we’ve spoken nonstop about the customer connection, as our secret weapon to beat the competition. There’s a revolution afoot in the business world—a service revolution. Companies like Starbucks, Walmart, Zappos and Amazon are competing on service, not just price. They offer customer intimacy, or (as we call it) Radical Personalization. And they’re winning, hands down.

At a human level, we all know these are uncertain financial times. Corporations are getting bigger, while consumers and small businesses are reeling from a recession. People are tired of this trend. They want companies to think big, but act small. Our competition is growing bigger and more impersonal. We can’t make the same mistake.

We are uniquely positioned to do something game-changing, right at this very moment. Our national network allows us to think big, but our local owners (that means you) can deliver service that “acts small.”

Are you delivering Radical Personalization? Are you creating a service revolution for our customers? As I’ve said before, I can’t tell you what that will look like for your clients, because it’s personal—it’s customized. But we all have some pretty good ideas. And I can also tell you this: the time is now, and we can’t afford to fail.

I stand by the promise I made in July. If we bring the service revolution to grounds care, U.S. Lawns will surpass the companies who focus more on operations than people. We will become the #1 company in our industry. That’s a guarantee.

Now, let’s spend the next few days figuring out how to shake things up.

Your Turf, Our Lawn.

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