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One great thing about U.S. Lawns is that we don’t just talk the talk. When we embrace an idea, we make sure it gets done. This can lead to times of great change, as we’ve recently seen, and sometimes growing pains aren’t comfortable. But we face the future boldly, holding strong to the traditions that bind us, and acting together to become a better company.

“Getting things done” has two parts in our culture: innovation and execution. You need both to accomplish your goals. And in 2015, we’ve accomplished a lot. We revamped Crew Training so your employees can deliver better performance and service. We launched a recruiting package to help you find the best talent, and become the best place to work. We created a Sales Bullpen to boost your business.

All of these products are part of something bigger: The Service Revolution. That’s an idea whose execution phase will continue at the Annual Conference, July 23-25. That’s when you’ll get things done (with a little support from Home Office).

The Service Revolution has been the focal point of our communications this year. We’ve discussed many aspects, including tools, touch points, and timelines. The Conference will allow you to put all of these into practice. We’ll spend some time with the details, and some on the big picture.

Because it’s been a while, let’s back up and revisit the “big idea” behind the Service Revolution now: where did it come from? Why is it our mission? Remember that customer intimacy has always been part of the franchise model. From the time we rebranded, we knew that the best way to beat our competition was to be game-changers in the area of local service. Why? Because nobody except U.S. Lawns can provide that. National companies are too big; local guys are too small.

We started looking at other companies who’d accomplished similar game changes in their industry. Starbucks. Walmart. Amazon. Offering a unique service model had put them on top. That’s when we decided it was time for a Service Revolution.

A Service Revolution is the best possible way to compete. You may recall what we’ve said before: Big companies keep getting bigger and more impersonal. That’s not franchising. It’s not great service. And it certainly isn’t U.S. Lawns.

We hope you’ll join us at the Conference. And more importantly, join the Service Revolution. It’s not just an idea anymore. It’s time.

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