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As troops return home from war to a still uncertain economy, U.S. Lawns is doing its part to put them back to work and even help them start businesses. Our veterans program provides financial assistance and guidance for qualified vets to become U.S. Lawns franchise owners. In fact, three out of five of our new franchisees who attended training in May were military veterans.

One of those trainees was Brock Howland, the new franchisee for Kalamazoo, Michigan. When asked about the transition from military service to U.S. Lawns, he said it just made sense.

“The military relies on systems and procedures for everything,” Brock said. “The military wants you to succeed, and like a franchise, it’s structured for success. I know I will be a success.”

Ronnie Chistopher, who joined the training after opening the new U.S. Lawns in Warner Robins, Georgia, agreed:

“Military is structured. It has rules, systems and procedures. It pushes you to continually do the right thing [….] I want to grow my business and teach my employees how to become successful in their careers. That’s what I did in the military, and that’s what I will do in my own business.”

Jarrad Boever, the new franchisee in Des Moines, Iowa, said he and his wife chose U.S. Lawns because of the company’s reputation and values. Just like in the military, he said, “we wanted to be a part of something greater.”

U.S. Lawns consistently ranks among the most vet-friendly franchisees in the country, and is featured in the 50 Top Franchises for Veterans.

“We believe vets deserve something in return for their commitment to our country,” affirmed Ken Hutcheson, president of U.S. Lawns. “The franchising model offers vets a perfect transition from military to civilian life and provides them with a strong, independent future.”

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