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Managing multiple properties presents a challenge when it comes to having consistent, quality landscape maintenance services. Depending on your portfolio, you could have a wide variety of different commercial properties with different landscapes, and they could even be in many different states spread throughout the country. Here are some ways to help you maintain consistency in your properties’ landscapes by using just one provider.

Determine What Services Each Property’s Landscape Needs

Every property you manage is different in its own way. In order to maintain consistency, you need to figure out which landscape maintenance services each property needs. If you own a commercial building up north, this could mean planning to include snow and ice management services.

In addition to landscape maintenance services and improvements like planting flowers or ornamental grass, you should also account for any properties that have lawns. Lawn care maintenance is crucial for keeping your grass looking great, so make sure you have a plan for plant health services, irrigation, and mowing.

Use One Landscaping Company

It may sound impossible to use one landscaping company for all your properties, but it’s not. U.S. Lawns is a national landscaping company that works specifically with commercial properties, so we are well-positioned to help you with everything in your portfolio. Every U.S. Lawns location is individually-owned, but we are united by our strong network that has enabled us to share best practices, unite our values, and bring quality and consistent landscape services to commercial properties all over the United States.

Although our locations are individually-owned, the power of the network has allowed us to create a plan that covers all your properties, even if they cross state lines. We strive for 100% client retention and satisfaction, so we will work with you to create a plan that covers all of your properties, making sure you are getting consistent services at every location.

Communicate with Your Commercial Landscaper

The best way to keep your landscapes consistent is to proactively communicate with your commercial landscaper. This will help address any problems before they become too serious and ensure that all locations are getting the care they need. A landscape’s needs change with the seasons and weather, so if you notice that there is something amiss on your properties, reach out to us and we can fix it. In addition to addressing landscape matters, we will also communicate when we are coming to your properties to work.

We have taken proactive measures to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their landscape for the budget they want. Here at U.S. Lawns, we utilize an estimating and proposal tool program where we can customize each proposal for each property. With this program, you can make instant changes to the proposal and either add or remove items from it. This service has allowed changes to happen much faster, so you don’t have to go to great lengths to adjust your properties’ proposals.

Why Consistency Is Important

Tenants and customers alike want to see that care was put into the landscapes of your commercial properties. They are putting money into your business, and they want to know that you are using their money to give them the curb appeal they want. In addition, using the same services from one company could help you create a solid brand identity. All of your properties represent you, so by adding the same ornamental trees, similar potted flowers, or colorful plants, this will create something unique for your brand – people will know your buildings because of your consistent landscapes.

Consistency is very important to a property owner or manager, and the best way to go about getting the consistency you want is to use one company to cover it all. We can work with you to create proposals for every property, regardless of the location. And if your properties cross territory lines, our franchisees work together so you get the same services for every commercial property you own.

If you are looking for consistent landscape maintenance services for your properties, find your nearest U.S. Lawns today.

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