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Timely commercial landscape maintenance could be what keeps your business thriving this winter. If you live in one of the many areas of the U.S. where snow and ice are common, you’re probably used to it: driving in the snow and shoveling walkways are part of your expertise. However, even if you’re comfortable with the snow and ice, it can cause major damage to your property and create safety hazards for your visitors. Here, we’ll review a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t let snow and ice pile up this season, and how U.S. Lawns can help by managing them for you. 

#1. It Can Damage Your Property

Snow and ice can cause serious damage to commercial properties. For instance, when snow melts it can cause drains and septic systems to overflow. Our commercial landscape maintenance services can help control the flow by strategically moving snow before it melts. Furthermore, the weight of snow and ice can cause tree limbs to snap, resulting in serious damage. U.S. Lawns takes measures to keep your trees healthy throughout the winter by strategically pruning them before the snow falls and tending to them afterwards.

Crews that are unfamiliar with the layout of your property are more likely to cause damage to it when it’s covered by a blanket of snow that hides its geography. But U.S. Lawns works to develop lasting relationships with customers, so that by the time the snow hits, our commercial landscape maintenance crews are well-aware of the layouts of their properties.

#2. It Causes Safety Hazards

Icy walkways and parking lots are the sites of countless accidents every day. U.S. Lawns can’t prevent accidents from happening, but we can increase the safety of your property by responding quickly when snow and ice hits. Our teams get familiar with your property so that they can effectively plow your parking lots and driveways. Our de-icing services are designed to prevent ice from building up, and we’ll respond quickly when it does appear, getting you and your property back to business faster. You care about the safety of your guests, and with our help, you can greatly increase the likelihood that they’ll have a comfortable and satisfying experience on your property.

#3. Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Can Get You Back to Business Faster

Deciding not to act fast about snow and ice could lead to even longer delays if you’re forced to wait for service. Many snow and ice management companies book up quickly, and businesses often put their name down in the spring, long before the snow has arrived. Waiting until the snow has already fallen to find a service provider could mean you’re forced to live with a hazardous situation on your property for days, or contract with an amateur, making you especially vulnerable to lawsuits and slowed productivity.

U.S. Lawns works hard to ensure that our customers are signed up to receive professional services as early as possible so they never have to go long before help arrives. When the snow falls, their snow policy kicks in so that they can rest assured they’ll be covered. 

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about the benefits of our winter commercial landscape maintenance plans!

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