Chris Seaborne On Preparing For Winter

Blog by: Chris Seaborne, U.S. Lawns – Frederick, MD & Winchester, VA Right now is the time to start preparing for winter. Chris Seaborne and Tim Harrell, owners of U.S. Lawns – Team 008 of Frederick Maryland and Team 484 of Winchester Virginia, know first-hand the importance of starting off the winter season prepared, and…read more

Mike Fitzpatrick On The Importance Of A Summer Plan

Blog by: Mike Fitzpatrick, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. Your summer plan is critical. Summer can be the most expensive time to operate in commercial grounds management, which makes your summer plan critical. There are several aspects you need to take into account when planning. You’ve got to have the manpower to deliver. First, you…read more

Ken Beasley on Customer Retention

Blog by: Ken Beasley, U.S. Lawns – Alexandria & Lafayette LA U.S. Lawns Franchise Owner Ken Beasley has the secret formula… Beasley, who lives in Natchez, Louisiana, owns U.S. Lawns Team – 346 in Alexandria, LA as well as Lafayette, LA Team – 426 and has three shops between the two territories. His is a…read more

Ken Hutcheson on Brand Leader-Brand Adopter

Blog by: Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns. Truly Great Companies Have Brands Others Want To Follow In our endeavor to be leaders in the commercial grounds care industry, it makes sense to explore what highly successful brands have been doing to get to the top and remain there. We’ve studied some incredible brands throughout…read more

Mike Fitzpatrick on The Value of Employee Training

Blog by: Mike Fitzpatrick, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. Operating With Efficiency Requires Well Trained Employees Commercial grounds care is a routine, redundant, repetitive business. The best way to be efficient is to have well trained employees, and the only way to have well trained employees is to train them. You shouldn’t assume that just…read more

Mike Fitzpatrick on Labor

Blog by: Mike Fitzpatrick, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. Labor is our greatest asset… Regardless of the industry, the most successful companies have exceptional employees. One thing all U.S. Lawns franchisees share is the recognition that having a super star team is mission critical. But, even though labor is the greatest asset of every commercial…read more

Brandon Moxam on Strengthening Customer Relationships

Blog by: Brandon Moxam, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. It’s about being a business friend In commercial grounds care, much like all other service industries, strengthening customer relationships all begins with the concept of radical personalization. In the most basic sense, it’s all about developing a business friendship. Defining business friendship Now, we’re not talking…read more

The Value of Economic Interdependence

Blog by: Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns. Climb the Value Chain One of the core tenets of U.S. Lawns is that it is hard to fire a business friend. We built the business around this concept, and it continues to serve us well. How do we become a business friend instead of just a…read more

Springtime Is Enhancement Season

Blog by: Mike Fitzpatrick, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. It’s Time To Pay Attention To The Landscape Springtime is when we begin to pay special attention to the landscape all around us. Budding trees and early blooms elevate the spirits, and it’s a prime time of the year to make property improvements. For U.S. Lawns,…read more

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