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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ


Let our experienced Scottsdale professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Commercial Properties in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills and the surrounding communities

Your Irrigation Design, Maintenance & Repair Specialists

Water is precious here in the Sonoran Desert region, so it’s more important than ever to keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance. Fortunately, water management is a specialty of local U.S. Lawns owners Chris and Jack Hallenbeck. Our team of irrigation experts are fully committed to prioritizing water conservation while keeping our customers’ landscapes thriving at the same time.

We’ve got vast experience with what the unique flora across Arizona’s Maricopa and Pinal counties requires to remain healthy and long lived, and the major role proper hydration plays in this. But our expertise also extends to being able to identify, install and maintain the irrigation system which will work best for your unique softscape, whether that be a drip irrigation system which gently delivers water into the soil where the root system is located, a surface system that relies on gravity, or a sprinkler irrigation system.

Contact U.S. Lawns of Scottsdale today to learn more about our irrigation management services. We can handle all of your irrigation maintenance needs regardless of if you need seasonal maintenance, repairs to your irrigation system or even if you need a new irrigation system designed and installed.

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New Installations – U.S. Lawns of Scottsdale will come and learn about your grounds and its requirements, and design and install a new, smart irrigation system customized to deliver proper hydration to keep your plants, trees and grass flourishing, and working harmoniously with our Arizona weather.

System Retrofits – If you have an irrigation system that is due for an update, you can rely on your local U.S. Lawns Team 280 to replace old, worn-out sprinkler heads, valves, lines and controllers to upgrade your irrigation system and keep it functioning efficiently.

Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs – U.S. Lawns will be there like clockwork, with routine maintenance services, performing inspections of your irrigation system, making adjustments, troubleshooting issues and doing repairs as necessary to ensure it is consistently operating just the way it should be.

Seasonal Services – As a regular part of our irrigation contract, we’ll perform special, seasonal servicing specifically aimed at preventing mineral buildup from clogging sprinklers and valves, so you’re getting the best out of your irrigation system season after season. We’ll also make sure your system is set on a watering schedule that works with the changing weather conditions.

So, if you’re responsible for the landscape of an apartment complex in Apache Junction, an assisted living environment in Tempe or Paradise Valley, a manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, a Mesa hotel or shopping mall, or any other type of commercial property, U.S. Lawns is your complete commercial landscaping partner. Find out more about our irrigation management as well as our lawn care, plant health services and landscape improvement capabilities by contacting us today!


Jack Hallenbeck & Chris Hallenbeck

Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.


We serve businesses in the following zip codes:

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