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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Vicksburg, MS


Let our experienced Vicksburg professionals provide the skills to meet your landscape enhancement needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Vicksburg, MS

Serving Properties In Mississippi: Vicksburg, Edwards, Warren County; In Louisiana: Delta, Mound, Tallulah, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Vicksburg Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

The success of every business depends on making the right first impression, and the commercial landscape improvement specialists of U.S. Lawns Team 611 in Vicksburg are here to make certain your landscape is up to the task.

Whether you’re overseeing the landscape of an apartment complex in Edwards, a Saint Joseph church, a group home in Tallulah, a Newellton convenience store, a hotel in Vicksburg, a Raymond restaurant or any other commercial real estate in the Vicksburg-Natchez region, you can count on U.S. Lawns to make quality landscape enhancements that will get results.

A variety of commercial property owners and managers depend on the landscape renovation expertise of local owner-operators Matthew and Clare Moore and the team of U.S. Lawns Vicksburg, and you can too. So, if your commercial property is located in the Mississippi counties of Hinds and Warren or the Louisiana parishes of Tensas and Madison, request your free landscape enhancement proposal now.

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Seasonal Color – Elevate your property’s curb appeal with the vibrant shades of seasonal color. U.S. Lawns Vicksburg can install and maintain flowerbeds, utilize strategically placed planters filled with tropical plants and regularly refreshed flowers, add floral borders, and plant blooming shrubs and ornamental trees to beautify your landscape season after season.

Mulch – Arguably the most important landscape enhancement you can include in your annual landscape maintenance plan is mulch, which when done properly, can make all the difference to the health of your flora. Natural mulch feeds the soil as it decomposes, helps retain moisture, regulates the temperature of the ground underneath it, prevents weed germination, and also controls erosion. Get in touch with U.S. Lawns and we’ll take care of the mulching while you focus on all your other job duties.

Permanent Ground Cover – If you have spaces where the grass and other greenery struggles to thrive, you have durable, low-maintenance alternatives available. U.S. Lawns Team 611 can install decorative pebbles like pea stone gravel, cedar chips, rubber mulch or another material that will be attractive and long lasting.

Landscape Drainage Solutions – From clearing blockages out of existing landscape drains to installing channel, surface or French drains, U.S. Lawns can correct your drainage issues. We can also change the topography of the land to reroute flowing water; amend the soil with sand or organic matter to make it more permeable; and build natural rain gardens or dry creek beds to capture excess water runoff. Regardless of your landscape drainage challenges, we have a good solution.

Hardscapes – U.S. Lawns Vicksburg can transform your grounds into a public outdoor space through the addition of flagstone, brick or cobblestone patios with picnic tables, flowerpots, and perhaps a fireplace or water feature; we can create paver walking paths lined with benches; build a sheltered gazebo or cooling, vine-covered pergola; and we can also install playgrounds and athletic courts. Tell us what kind of destination you’re aiming to provide, and we’ll make it a reality.

The greatest advantage of partnering with U.S. Lawns is that we are the only landscaping services provider you’ll ever need for your commercial property. Not only do we specialize in renovating landscapes, but our proficiency also encompasses everything from the most basic of lawn care to tree and plant health services, as well as irrigation installations, upgrades, maintenance and repairs.

Contact us today and discover how much easier your job can be when the well trained, uniformed professionals of U.S. Lawns Vicksburg are on the job.


Matthew Moore

[email protected]

Matthew Moore is the owner of two U.S. Lawns locations: Vicksburg and Natchez, MS. Matthew stated his landscape career in 2006 for another U.S. Lawns owner, working his way up from a Gardener to eventually the General Manager of three territories. This advancement and real-world experience in the technical and business sides of the business inspired Matthew to owning his own U.S. Lawns business. Matthew and his teams are focused on quality service and open, 2-way communication with their clients, building trusting relationships. He provides ongoing training for his team members, hopefully inspiring them, as he was to own their own business one day as well.


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